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        VGP has just been redesigned. We now are working on making the largest collection of Downloads and Cheats for Starsiege and Diablo. Also check out the N64 page for cool codes and walkthoughs for the best N64 games ever made. I hope you enjoy my site and will visit it all the time. VGP is updated very often, at least 4 times a week!
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GoldenEye 007August 2000

What's Up
I am currently been working on a TV section of VGP, I hope to have a lot of stuff in it, including SNL and Anime games. I also am currently working on a huge code archive including codes and GameShark for all of the Nintendo systems. Keep coming back to see what's new here at VGP.

Loyal Gamers
There have been a number of loyal gamers that have contributed in helping me create this site by submitting walkthoughs, codes, art, and music. If you would like to be part of VGP, just click here and submit some of your work. You may also feel free to email me anything you would like on this page. All contributers will be given full credit for their work!

1-13-2001 - New Gaming Pages
I know its been a while since this site was last updated, it seems that when I started this site, I would update this site everyday, now it is four to six months between updates, but hopefully that will change soon. I plan on making pages to cover all the Blizzard games, including Diablo II, which can be copied now! For both of the Diablo games, I plan to start an ear forum so people can download ears collected off I also will update PlanetZelda to cover Majora's Mask. I will also be making pages for the Age of Empires games, and Unreal Tournament. My first priorties however will be Diablo II and Unreal Tournament, those being porbably the most popular games right now for the PC. Well keep checking this site for updates, and if there is none, check back in about five months and there will sure to be something new!

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welcome to Video Game Planet. You have just arived at the greatest gaming site of all time! I hope your visit to this site is fun and exciting. I will always keep you posted with the most up to date and current news about console and PC games. If you want cheats, hacks, downloads, trainers, guides, and more! You've come to the right place! If you want console help, it is just a click away. You can find info on many Nintendo console games here. We also have pages for Saturday Night Live and Anime cartoons! The Allied Gamers Guild is now here too. It features a bar, chat, messageboard, and member chat list. It will also be the central interaction section of VGP. If you have a site, you can enter it as part of the guild and recieve special guild benefits such as chat and a guild message board on your page! You're search for the greatest video game site is over! VGP has it all!


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